Food. My wife would say it’s one of her favorite words.

To us, it’s not just a substance to be consumed, but it is the very definition of togetherness.


Growing up, and even to this day, whether my family is in disagreements or having the time of our lives, food always brings us together. It is a decadent centerpiece in our life.


For years I had been eating unhealthy with the mindset “as long as it tastes good”. 


Then came the news. I’m pre-diabetic - and only halfway through my 20’s.


I had to make a decision.


After doing some research, I went vegan and 

Hijo De Su Madre was born.  


I began converting my mother’s traditional, Yucatecan, recipes into delicious, vegan dishes that reminded me of walking into my house as a kid.


In 2019, Hijo De Su Madre transpired into a vegan Mexican food truck. In 2022, it is transforming into our first brick-and-mortar, storefront location in Los Angeles.


Here at Hijo De Su Madre, I want you to experience the same sensations I had growing up. I want you to smell the aroma of the cumin, see the brightness of the achiote, and taste the spiciness of the habanero on the tip of your tongue. These sensations from my mother’s region of Mexico have always reminded me of home. 


When I made the transition to a vegan lifestyle, my doctor informed me I am no longer pre-diabetic and my lab results have never looked better. I now look at all the decisions I am making in my life and how my decisions impact not only me, but the world around me. 


I incorporate compostable plates, utensils, and cups into the restaurant and use napkins, and aprons made from recyclable materials. My food truck was even solar-powered.


With my story, I hope that you are not only excited to be transported to the Yucatan through the aromas and sensations we surround you with at Hijo De Su Madre, but you will be inspired on your vegan journey as well.


Together, we can help change the world one taco at a time.

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Who doesn't love tacos?

So let us cater your next fiesta! 

From weddings to business parties - and everything in between! 

We have curated our catering process to be fast and

 efficient for your busy schedule. 

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Ready to be transported?

Our vegan, Yucatecan eats will take you back to our motherland - minus the plane ticket!

Turn any taco into a




*Includes garlic & onion quinoa, Yucatecan-style black beans, and crunchy cabbage

*Served with a small side of our house fried chips and tomatillo salsa

vegan tacos and vegan burritos.

We kept your FOOD TRUCK FAVES!

Vegan tacos and vegan burritos.

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Cardboard Sheets


Our aprons are comprised of 100% organic, recycled materials.

We dispense napkins made from recyclable materials.

 Utilize light fixtures that contain 0% plastic and made only with natural materials.

Furnishings are up-cycled.


Counter is comprised of reclaimed wood.

Domestic Waste Bin


We serve your food on sugarcane, compostable plates. 


We provide compostable utensils, cups, and containers.

Partnered with

Compostable LA to compost all our scraps into nutrients for our soil.

"Reducing food waste and regenerating soil are two of the best ways to help reverse climate change. Composting does both."

- Compostable LA

A waterfall.


Limited aluminum is used  to prep or cook any item on our menu.

Items are wrapped in recyclable paper.

Utilize stainless steel cookware where possible.



Food Channel by  VICE MEDIA

"Todos Los Tacos" | Season 4 | Episode 1

Vegan tacos and vegan burritos.
vegan tacos and vegan burritos.








Let's taco 'bout it!

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